To our Eastside Karmany family:

Wow, what a wild ride this past month has been. We have ALL had an opportunity to practice our Yoga during this pandemic and I don’t know about you, but I still have a lot of work to do! Some days float by smoothly while others push you almost over the edge. But through all of this uncertainty and “disconnect,” maybe just maybe you have found a deeper connection within and have been able to rediscover what’s really important.

As most of you are aware, our little boutique studio is built solely on the donations of our students. And while the initial contributions helped us to open and somewhat operate, it’s been a challenge. So after exhausting my bank account and still sitting in “what’s next” I have decided to shut the doors, in hopes that it is only temporarily. The landlord has been extremely helpful during this time and has offered the option of reopening, if able. My plan is to see how this all unfolds over the summer months and to work on restructuring our model for a potential fall reopening. This has been a huge struggle and a lot of tears making this decision. This has been my life work for almost 20 years and to see what this has done to our community and to hear the uncertainty and fear of “what’s next” from so many colleagues is heartbreaking. But through pain and heartbreak we become stronger, more resilient.

I will continue to stream on Friday mornings at 9:00 am and Sundays at 11:00 am through the Eastside Karmany Facebook page. I’m working on a new website but in the meantime you can also find me on You can also find Jayme at Please stay connected to the Eastside Karmany Facebook and Instagram pages along with my personal Facebook page, Amy Johnson.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, love and devotion to this community. This isn’t “goodbye,” it’s an “I’ll see you soon.”

Much love all ways,
Amy D. Johnson