FEB 01: Light It Up Kundalini

CANCELLED – To be rescheduled

Light It Up Kundalini – with the music of Bob Marley

led by Daniel Katsük

Kundalini yoga is more ceremony and ritual in nature and uses “kriyas” which are breathing techniques, poses, and hand gestures or mudras as a system for self purification. Daniel will guide you through the kriyas while the music of Bob Marley lights you up! Set to the album DREAMS OF FREEDOM: AMBIANT TRANSLATIONS OF BOB MARLEY IN DUB.

Daniel Katsük BIO:
A chameleon of creative expression, Daniel is a Kundalini Yoga instructor and sound therapist, facilitating retreats and workshops with live instrumentation, along with co-hosting with Charles Gaby MA, a radio show called Roots of Change: Conversations and insights into transforming our lives, relationships and communities on Southside Pirate 97.5FM (DFW). KatsüK has written and performed (in Denver) for the Off-Broadway production The Portal, a Modern Shamanic Journey and has played numerous music festivals, retreats and venues across the world, sharing the stage with such esteemed and varied acts as Spoonfed Tribe, Colin Hay (from Men at Work), Nahko & Medicine for the People, Galactic, Ziggy Marley, Peter Yarrow, Polish Ambassador, Ozomatli, Rising Appalachia, Kan’Nal, Rebirth Brass Band, Trevor Hall, Los Lonely Boys, Cas Haley, Cowboy Mouth, Guy Forsyth, and Brave Combo. Along with touring and recording with the musical group KatsüK, Daniel is a voice actor for FUNimation, where his music has been featured in the animated series Dragonball Z, Case Closed, and Full Metal Alchemist.

All ages and levels welcome! $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Saturday, February 1, 2020
7:00 – 8:30 PM

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